Oh, hi there!

How’s life been going? If you are reading this, hopefully your day is as great as your personality, each and everyday. I thank you so much for visiting my site, I am still learning a lot to be THAT great and amazing to be a writer or an author.

Well, a woman behind this site is named Nabilla Ulfatul Innayah. Please do not mind to call her Nabilla, Billa, Bibil, Ulfa, Innayah, or anything else. A young, passionate, ambitious, fatty, and friendly woman you’ve ever met. She is now pursuing her study of Bachelor’s degree in English Program, Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

She is fueled by her passion in social media, public speaking, public relations, and publication field with strong experiences in managing content on social media, joining public relations and publication divisions in some projects, obsessed in finding and sharing stories and information in real time, and engaging with people on social media. You know, she is eager to both build on her academic foundations in English Program and stay in tune with her passion, which is public relations, through professional development and some experiences she has gotten.

She is always interested in a challenge and is now struggling for her final project to finish her study in Universitas Gadjah Mada. Wish her luck, though!

Reach out to nabillauinnayah@gmail.com to connect!

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